Friday, December 4, 2009

White Choc Raspberry Mud Cake

People say that December is the Festive season with Christmas and New Year just around the corner. But for us, international students, December can be a very depressing month. Many of us have to go back to our home country upon finishing our studies here in Melbourne. I too, will be one of them very shortly. As i said previously, leaving Melbourne will be very hard. It is not so much the city that I will deeply miss, but rather the people. The friendships that have grown through the years, the many good and bad times we've shared, the ups and down, the teasing and bullying, the laughter and the tears.

This cake, is to farewell her dear friends. Yu Ying messaged me yesterday morning and asked for a cake if possible. A few of her cell group members will be leaving Melbourne very soon and she specifically asked that the writing of the cake be "May God bless you and lead you in your onward journey." So sweet. We may be on different journeys now, but when God is the one who leads the way, everything will be OK.

No picture this time. It was very rushed since i have to finish Jo's cake too.
It's white choco raspberry mud cake with white choc ganache and choc collar.
I leave it to your imagination to picture the cake! ;)

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