Thursday, December 17, 2009


HUH, GUNS ?!??!?!?!?!?!
Are you for real ??

YES !!! bakingbee has been commissioned to bake a birthday cake in a shape of two guns. It is indeed a rather challenging project since I have to carve the cake myself. The cake is in the oven at the moment. Hopefully it turns out nicely later on.

Thank God for the heavy rain! It has swept off the sweltering heat from yesterday. The temperature was hovering around 38-39 degree Celcius yesterday! My my! And the bushfire has started too! Oh no!! >.<" Hopefully today's rain spreads out to the rural areas where the bushfires are. Oh and to the water reservoir too. Melbourne (Victoria) desperately needs water. OK! B's out for some dinner with her family. More on the gun later. Stay tuned, peeps!! Ciao !!

Hello again, peeps!
Sorry it toook so long to finish this post. As I have mentioned previously, I am going back for good to Indonesia. So the last 2 weeks, I was busy packing and sorting out stuff that I need to give away to my friends and the Salvation Army. It was a stressful indeed as I have a lot of stuff. Thank God for my family and friends who are always willing to lend helping hands.

Back to the guns, it was trickier than I thought it would be !!! The silver colouring didn't come out as I expected. :( I was a bit stressed that time. But thank God Amy loved the cake.. :) So all is well... :)

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