Thursday, January 6, 2011

of egg-tart and pretty pics

Hi there! :)

Thank you for closely watching my blog. I hope you've had a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones and a great start of the new year. I myself have had a good break at the end of the year, spending time traveling with my beloved family. We went to HongKong and Macau over Christmas.

Apart from the quality time we had together, food was one of the highlights of the trip. You must eat eat eat in Hong Kong cos everything is just so cheap. What do you eat there? Chinese food of course, proper chinese food. Thank God my auntie lives in HK, so we actually had someone who really knows where to get great food otherwise we would have been lost since most of the menu are written in Mandarin with no English description *lost*. I particularly love the yumcha, especially the chicken feet. heehee.. Some of you might find eating chicken feet a bit disgusting, but this particular chicken feet is so good! They are plump and soft, very easy to peel off the bone too. yumm! Another thing we couldn't get enough of was the pearl milk tea from "Share Tea". They cook the pearl to perfection, soft but still chewy. The tea was also very fragrant. You can pick the level of sugar you want in your drink, that way you don't get a super sweet milk tea.

And if you get the chance t0 go to Macau, you MUST try the portugese tart from Lord Stow's bakery (Located in Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetians). It was the BEST egg tart i've ever tasted! Seriously, die die must try! I usually don't like egg tart because it is generally very sweet and also because of the strong egg-y smell, but this one is different. After one bite, i keep wanting for more! The crust is crispy and yet not hard, the egg custard is velvety smooth. Together with the caramelized sugar coating, they give a very nice sensation in your mouth. hmmm...

Lord Stow's famous Portugese Tart.

And here is something else that i love about traveling, especially with my brother.. ;)

he takes pretty pics :)