Friday, December 4, 2009

The Pursuit of Perfection

I have been baking lots of cupcakes recently. Not because I love eating them (honestly, I'm not a big fan), but because my friends love eating them. On top of that, cupcake is currently the HOT item of sweets. So, there's nothing wrong with trying to perfect my cupcakes. The Matcha cupcakes I made the other day, i believe, have the perfect texture. Very soft, moist and fluffy. But not too crumbly. Following its success, I'm experimenting to get the perfect yellow base cupcakes today. I am yet to try my latest cookies&creme batch that just came out of the oven. My house is very fragrant from the baking. I think, I smell like cookies and cream already! No kidding here!

I shared the previous batch I made with the church office staff for afternoon tea. Sharon, our dear admin assistant who have been patiently dealing with my venue-bookings & key borrowing, will be on leave until next year, meaning I won't get to see her until, God knows when. The cookies&creme icing is yummy. But I think, the texture of the cake is not OK yet. It was still a bit too chewy. I think I baked it for a tad bit too long. >.<" Despite the not so fluffy texture, Sharon still loved it much. She said, "Your cupcake is 10-fingers lickin' good!" ahahaha... Thank you dear! I've made 2 batches after the afternoon tea. I am yet to give some to my official cupcake tester, Ria, and get some review from her. This girl has tried a lot of cupcakes in Melbourne. So I'm looking forward to hearing her review.

the 6th batch of Cookies&Creme

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  1. The delicious & scrumptious Cookies&Creme Cupcake by Bebe... She bakes her cupcakes to perfection! Rich in flavor, Soft in texture & the icing is delightful in taste!

    Another great creation by Bebe :) I can't wait to try your last cupcake for me: The Red Velvet...