Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cupcake Galore on A Rainy Day

What happened to Summer ?? This week has been cold for a December. But I'm grateful for it. Given that Australia is very dry, cold rainy day like this is much better than the heat of Summer. When I checked the weather forecast on Sunday and found out that today would be raining, I decided that I shall try new cupcake recipes on Tuesday.

Round 1: Red Velvet
The first time I tried Red Velvet cupcake, I can't help but wonder why people (read: girls) love this particular cake so much. The one that i tried, was dry, the flavour didn't come out. It tasted like very bland chocolate cake. The icing was not good as well. Unsatisfied with what i tasted, I googled up "red velvet cake". This particular cake is originated from Southern United States of America. Supposedly, one should be able to taste a bit of tang in the cake because it contains vinegar, and buttermilk. When mixed with cocoa, the acidity of vinegar brings out the red colour in cocoa and to enhance this, a bit more red colouring is added.

red velvet

My version of red velvet, turned out VERY VERY good. I really like it. The cake is very moist and fluffy. Although i can't really taste the tang in the cake, the chocolate flavour is quite strong. Combined with the smooth cream cheese frosting, this cake is definitely a hit.
*Initially I wanted to make a chocolate velvet (not adding any red colouring whatsoever) but when I made the batter, the chocolate colour is very pale. So I added 1/2 tsp Wilton pink colouring. I was really surprised to find out that that amount was enough to make the whole batter RED !!!

Round 2: Black Bottom Cupcake
Julie introduced me to this cupcake. No, I've never tried it before, but she has! And according to her, this cupcake will melt you because it is really delicious. When I read the recipe, I knew it would be a little sweet with a BIG taste. Imagine rich chocolate base, topped with cheesecake mixture and frosted with smooth cream cheese icing! When I had a bite, it is indeed O M G !!! This cupcake is not for those who don't like heavy chocolate cake as the flavour is quite rich and the cake texture is also thick and gooey.

black bottom

Conclusion: Happy Bee! cupcakes test has been successful!! Whee !!! ^^v
waiting for some review from my testers :)


  1. i LOVE LOVE LOVE the red velvet <3

    it's an honour to be a tester for your cupcakes, because they are one of the best in the world ;)

    REAL good. TOOOOO good.

  2. aww... thank you darlingg!! the honour is mine.
    they are good because i lavish them with love.. ;)