Monday, December 14, 2009

Little Miss Sunshine

Today has been a long busy day. I had to get the last shot of Gardasil, then run around getting stuff for my next cake orders. I managed to bake 2 batches of cake (a white chocolate mudcake and a lemon cake for Amy and Madam Ho), get a graduation present for my cousin, take photos of my cutesy cupcakes and blog. What a day, what a day!

The reason why I baked these cakes is because I've never really made them before , so I have to do some R&D to make sure that the cakes turn out nicely. So, in the pursuit of moist tangy lemon cake, I tried making this.

Little Miss Sunshine
bringing some lemony goodness

Verdict: Not as tangy, I need to put more lemon zest for the actual cake. The cake is quite moist and fluffy. I'll try the regular size tomorrow to see if it's any better. :)

Oh no!! Just remember that I still need to decorate the other cake for tomorrow's dinner.
I think I'll just do it tomorrow. Oh wait!! Tomorrow is gonna be hot!! NOOO !!!
Must decorate now ?!??!?! What a day indeed !!

Okay! B's out for a cuppa hot tea and decorating cake.
I'll blog about the other cake tomorrow.. :)
Stay tuned, peeps!

OH!! turned out that the other cake is an epic failure!! :(
i'm hitting the sack instead!

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