Saturday, March 5, 2011

Shiori's Sweet Shoppe

Hip Hip Hooray! Lil' Shiori is turning 1 !! :)

To celebrate her 1st birthday, Shiori's mom (c Yun) organized a sweet shoppe for her and her little friends.Fairy floss, cupcakes, lollipops, gumballs, all sorts of sweet stuff, you name it. Kudos to c Yun for the decor, party hats, and the other pretty little things. :)

sweets table

for the birthday girl

the decor

I was honored to bake the cupcakes for the sweet shoppe! Yay!! :) C Yun opted for vanilla cupcakes with crumbled Oreo chunks frosted with pink and blue vanilla buttercream icing.

cupcake tower

and for now, i'll let the pictures do the talking....

made-with-love cupcake topper

happy birthday Shiori

PS. the not-so-sharp images were taken with my blackberry. The rest of the images are courtesy of Rudy Sebastian and Shiori's mom.

Monday, February 14, 2011

my darling is over the ocean

My best friend ask me a a while ago to make her a cake for Valentine's day. She wanted to give this cake to her boyfriend who stays in Singapore. The idea came from her friend's thumbnail. Maybe you have seen it before. I personally think it's very cute.

As someone who is also in a long distance relationship, I get the feeling of this picture. Being in different time zones and different parts of the world can be exhausting at times. It's not only up to us to keep the love burning and being committed to each other, but God's grace also plays huge part of it. Thank God that we can love each other because He has first loved us and show us how to love, unconditionally.

So, this is the final outcome of the cake. It put big smile on my face when i finished it earlier this morning.

Happy Valentine's to those who are miles apart from their loved ones. May your love keep burning, just as the first time you fell in love with each other. xxo

Oooh! By the way, did you notice that the birds are in Singapore and Java, roughly ?? ;)

the Happy Jungle

It was two days before Chinese New Year. Mom was away, so i was kind of in charge of managing the house.. and let me tell you something, it's not easy! I'm used to living in an apartment where everything is within arms reach. hehee.. but i ain't complaining. Big house do comes with its own bonuses, and to name a few: spacious kitchen, big pantry, and large dining table where i can freely spread my baking tools. :))

Anyway, in the midst of the chaos of preparing things for CNY, I managed to make this cute little cake for my best friend. I entitled it "the Happy Jungle" :)

my fave was the 2 love birds ;)

Pardon the poor quality. I only managed to take the picture with my blackberry...T_T

Thursday, January 6, 2011

of egg-tart and pretty pics

Hi there! :)

Thank you for closely watching my blog. I hope you've had a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones and a great start of the new year. I myself have had a good break at the end of the year, spending time traveling with my beloved family. We went to HongKong and Macau over Christmas.

Apart from the quality time we had together, food was one of the highlights of the trip. You must eat eat eat in Hong Kong cos everything is just so cheap. What do you eat there? Chinese food of course, proper chinese food. Thank God my auntie lives in HK, so we actually had someone who really knows where to get great food otherwise we would have been lost since most of the menu are written in Mandarin with no English description *lost*. I particularly love the yumcha, especially the chicken feet. heehee.. Some of you might find eating chicken feet a bit disgusting, but this particular chicken feet is so good! They are plump and soft, very easy to peel off the bone too. yumm! Another thing we couldn't get enough of was the pearl milk tea from "Share Tea". They cook the pearl to perfection, soft but still chewy. The tea was also very fragrant. You can pick the level of sugar you want in your drink, that way you don't get a super sweet milk tea.

And if you get the chance t0 go to Macau, you MUST try the portugese tart from Lord Stow's bakery (Located in Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetians). It was the BEST egg tart i've ever tasted! Seriously, die die must try! I usually don't like egg tart because it is generally very sweet and also because of the strong egg-y smell, but this one is different. After one bite, i keep wanting for more! The crust is crispy and yet not hard, the egg custard is velvety smooth. Together with the caramelized sugar coating, they give a very nice sensation in your mouth. hmmm...

Lord Stow's famous Portugese Tart.

And here is something else that i love about traveling, especially with my brother.. ;)

he takes pretty pics :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Fear not! I haven't abandoned this blog. :) thanks for keeping close watch. I've been busy in my kitchen developing new variant to go the the shelf and now.....

bakingbee proudly presents the newest baby :

Chiffon Cake

orange chiffon cake

Chiffon Cake is known for it's light and fluffy texture. This is achieved by incorporating large amount of air during the beating of egg whites. Chiffon Cake also contains lower amount of fat compared to traditional butter cake and thus making it a healthier option for you. :) *wheeeee*

Flavours selection: orange, chocolate, ontbijkoek (Dutch Spiced cake), pandan, lemon, vanilla, and cheese.
Grab some now for your afternoon tea ;)

B's out to check something in the oven...ciao!

chocolate chiffon cake

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My First Love

People say that first love never dies....

Well, do you still remember yours?

I Do.

In fact, i just met this guy again the other day. In this case, it's true that my first love still gives me an unusual sensation that leaves my heart wonders: Did i really get over my first love?

Turned out that i didn't ...

Let me introduce you to this awesome guy..

*teeheee...* gotcha!

Yes! you read it right! Chocolate brownies it was. Years ago when i still lived with the GM family back in Melbourne, they introduced me to this awesome chocolate brownies in whom i fell in love straight away. Never before had i consumed such a delectable brownies. It has the perfect level of chewiness and sweetness. I can't stand brownies that are too fudgey. They taste like chocolate bars to me. I prefer the ones with the texture of a cake, but with the right amount of chewiness and density. Just like this one. :)

So after years and years of not making one, (I don't understand why i haven't been baking one even though it was a fave amongst my friends. The last one i remembered was for Evangie before she left for good. Gosh that was almost 2 years ago ? I still owe Juls one batch. :( sorry dear. promise that i'll make you one when i come visit or when you go visit me here.. hehee.. ;)) I finally made it again the other day. They are still the same. This time however, i added orange and rum to give it a twist. Turned out, they were Heavenly!

OK, brownies are ready to go to bakingbee's shelf. :)

PS. On a side note, this particular brownies was also the very first cake I baked. I knew nothing of baking back then. I owe it to the GMs. Thanks for introducing me to this perfect brownies, for the hours we spent in the kitchen and for the unforgettable memories during those 2 precious years. I miss you guys. I miss the Greek food Yia-yia made and her best Baklavas ever! ;) let's meet up when i come back to Melbourne in the future!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Say Hello to Chixie!

Hello again fellow readers.. :)

Apologies for not updating my blog for quite some time. I have been quite busy with my other work at daddy's office. Fear not. I have not forsaken my love for baking and cake decorating. :)
yes yes.. more to come indeed.

This time, I'd like to introduce you all to my new friend. *giggles....*

Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to....CHIXIE !


This is Chixie, bakingbee's very own mother hen.
Chixie was made out of love and sugar paste ;)

This is the picture of Chixie and her babies.

Chixie and her babies made their debut on my best friend's birthday cupcakes last week :)

Welcome to the family, Chixie!