Monday, February 14, 2011

my darling is over the ocean

My best friend ask me a a while ago to make her a cake for Valentine's day. She wanted to give this cake to her boyfriend who stays in Singapore. The idea came from her friend's thumbnail. Maybe you have seen it before. I personally think it's very cute.

As someone who is also in a long distance relationship, I get the feeling of this picture. Being in different time zones and different parts of the world can be exhausting at times. It's not only up to us to keep the love burning and being committed to each other, but God's grace also plays huge part of it. Thank God that we can love each other because He has first loved us and show us how to love, unconditionally.

So, this is the final outcome of the cake. It put big smile on my face when i finished it earlier this morning.

Happy Valentine's to those who are miles apart from their loved ones. May your love keep burning, just as the first time you fell in love with each other. xxo

Oooh! By the way, did you notice that the birds are in Singapore and Java, roughly ?? ;)

the Happy Jungle

It was two days before Chinese New Year. Mom was away, so i was kind of in charge of managing the house.. and let me tell you something, it's not easy! I'm used to living in an apartment where everything is within arms reach. hehee.. but i ain't complaining. Big house do comes with its own bonuses, and to name a few: spacious kitchen, big pantry, and large dining table where i can freely spread my baking tools. :))

Anyway, in the midst of the chaos of preparing things for CNY, I managed to make this cute little cake for my best friend. I entitled it "the Happy Jungle" :)

my fave was the 2 love birds ;)

Pardon the poor quality. I only managed to take the picture with my blackberry...T_T