Thursday, November 4, 2010


Fear not! I haven't abandoned this blog. :) thanks for keeping close watch. I've been busy in my kitchen developing new variant to go the the shelf and now.....

bakingbee proudly presents the newest baby :

Chiffon Cake

orange chiffon cake

Chiffon Cake is known for it's light and fluffy texture. This is achieved by incorporating large amount of air during the beating of egg whites. Chiffon Cake also contains lower amount of fat compared to traditional butter cake and thus making it a healthier option for you. :) *wheeeee*

Flavours selection: orange, chocolate, ontbijkoek (Dutch Spiced cake), pandan, lemon, vanilla, and cheese.
Grab some now for your afternoon tea ;)

B's out to check something in the oven...ciao!

chocolate chiffon cake