Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Money Bag Cake

bakingbee proudly presents............. *drumrolls*.......

THE MONEY BAG CAKE !!!! *echoing applause*

I have to say, this is the master piece so far! :)
Once again, big thanks to Mrs. Citro for trusting me to bake cakes for her. :)
Thank you for always believing in me and for giving me opportunities to practice and improve myself. You are an angel sent from Heaven. XOXO

When she ordered the cake, she said, "I want a money themed cake, the cake is for an accountant. The design is really up to you. The birthday is on bla bla bla...."
Honestly, i was blank. Got no idea. Money themed cake is not a usual theme for a birthday cake! >.<" Thank God for my dearest brother, who suggested this idea to me.

This cake is also dedicated to all of you, professional accountants out there. May the Lord continue to pour out His abundant blessings so that your money bag will be overflowing with Heavenly riches. But don't forget to share it around, for you are blessed to be a blessing! :)

I was extremely happy with how this cake turned out. Very very pleased! :)

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