Thursday, September 3, 2009

the brilliant Peggy Porschen

Peggy Porschen = pretty cakes!

I bought her new book last month at such a great bargain! ;) (Last time i checked at the shop, the price has increase by $20!!! woohoo!)
The following day happened to be my cousin's, A, birthday. Because i'm just so lousy at looking for gifts, i decided to bake her a cake; and because i just bought Peggy Porschen's new book, i decided to give one of the recipes a go.
This is what i came up with: Pretty in Pink - an adaptation of Peggy's Damask Delight.
The birthday girl loves pink, and chocolate, thus the colour. :)

I'd love to give it another go. This time around I'll use butter cream/ royal icing instead of melted chocolate for piping the pattern.


  1. if you ever need someone to try out the finished products from your new peggy porschen book, i'm just a phone call away ;)hehe

  2. oh yes dear! don't worry about that.. :)