Thursday, September 3, 2009

my very first fondant cake

After much excitement from looking at other people's pretty cakes, I finally got the determination to do my very own. The cake however came out disastrous, as you can see from the dent at the very front of the orange bit. The other side of it, is just as disastrous. >.<"
This is a birthday cake for Viv and Ivan, two very dear friends of mine. On the way home, Joanne and I successfully convinced Dan that the little pearls at the bottom of the cake were bubble gum *giggle*. Yea, Dan, gum-less bubble gum! ;)
I was quite happy with the outcome of my very first fondant cake even though it's not perfectly smooth.

Oh, and I stupidly tried making the fondant from scratch, without any heavy duty cake mixer. 1 hour worth of kneading sugar paste was enough to leave my hands throbbing with pain all night long. Thank God for my 3rd and 4th hands belong to my boyfriend who helped me kneading the other fondant batch and for the miracle I got that night. After struggling to sleep, I woke up with no trace of muscle pain whatsoever!!! So here's to an awesome God!!

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  1. the cake is far from disastrous be! very good effort for the first try! we were all so impressed :)