Saturday, October 3, 2009

Work In Progress

Bebe is upset!!!
It seems that tonight, all the evil forces is working up against her and her chocolate orange cake!
Bebe is frustrated!!!
It seems that tonight, the brain, the hands, and the ingredients don't want to cooperate well. ARGHHHHH !!!! >.<"
So many wrong things at so many level.
Bebe feels like crying now!!! >.<"

Problem like this has never cropped up before!
The chocolate was clumpy.. the butter didn't blend in well...
2 batches went down the rubbish bin!
It was ULTIMATE disaster!
Look at this!! Ugly brown thingy!!

Bebe has however managed to whip up the third batch which currently is sitting in the oven.

OH!! the red fondant Bebe bought last time doesn't have nice consistency. Hopefully it will work out fine tomorrow.

Bebe is scared.
Bebe is praying hard.

*Dear Lord Jesus, please help the cake to set nicely. Please don't let anything go wrong again. I'm tired but am thankful for everything that has happened today. including the 2 batches down the drain. May this lesson always be imprinted in my mind that i won't repeat the same mistake in the future. Amen."

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