Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My brother, H, came up with the name! :)
OK, so why bakingbee? Because its initial is bb and that's the same as my name, Bebe, which can simply be written as "bb" in Bahasa Indonesia.

Cooking was not an issue that bothered me much before I came to Melbourne in 2003. Back at home, Mom cooks scrumptious meals for us everyday. When my brother and I were little, she made lots and lots of baked goodies for us. So, thank God for giving me the innate ability to cook and bake through my mom! ;)

Mom baked that cake for me :)

I got familiar to cooking and baking when I stayed with my dear home-stay family, the GMs, for almost 2 years. Since I helped my home-stay mother, X, preparing dinner quite often after school, my love for cooking sparked. She was the one who shared with me that cooking is a way to love your family. No wonder Mom cooks everyday. She just loves us so much! ;) D, X's sister, who came to visit us often, is a great baker. She taught me a lot of things, from making brownies to muffin to chewy chocolate chips cookies! Moving out from the GM's house, I lived with H for a while and cooking suddenly became a necessity! Since he was super busy with his final year project, I got to be the cook.

I still remember the night H said, "Aiya, you got so confused in putting down your university course preferences now ah. Just wait and see, after you graduate you'll open a bakery!"
Come to think of it, I have to admit that he had a great insight! :)
Here I am, at the end of my 5 years Science/ Commerce Degrees, venturing to be a cake decorator!! YAY to great insight! ;)

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