Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mr.Strong!

Bebe is still WIP-ing!!
3rd batch from last night turned out to also be a major failure.

3rd batch
-The Pseudo Dark Chocorange Cake-

She still can't believe what happened last night.
Never before in her entire baking experience she encounters something like this!
On the brighter side of it, the pseudo dark chocolate orange cake tastes good. :)
At least 3rd batch is not going to the bin. Her 'quality controllers' will be more than happy to devour it tomorrow.

So after a quick run the the nearest convenience store, she managed to secure a 4th batch of the same dark chocolate orange cake in the oven!
Half baking time has elapsed. It looks good at the moment.
Be good, baby!
*fingers crossed!*

...@12.25pm ...

Delivery time..
Baby #4 came out of the oven... NICELY !!!
It is currently sitting on the table.. cooling itself down...

Mr.Strong is DONE !
Bebe can't complain at how Mr.Strong turn up considering there were so many things that went wrong at so many level.

So.. here's Mr.Strong...

Happy Birthday, Mr.Strong!

(photo by Jojo)

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  1. one of your many quality controllersOctober 4, 2009 at 4:41 PM

    you poor thing! you must have felt really frustrated and tired. but i'm glad it came out well in the end you and learned some baking tips in the process :) very cute cake be! well done!