Monday, October 5, 2009

the perfect winter comfort food

Those of you who have been to Melbourne or are currently living in Melbourne will definitely know for sure that Melbourne is famous with its "4 seasons in a day." It may be Spring at the moment, but cold weather still occasionally pays a visit. Last Friday was one of those cold Spring days.

Earlier in the week, I got Sticky Date Pudding request from dear friends of mine (thanks to Lala who publicly promoted my Sticky Date Pudding and even rated it as one of the best she had ever tasted so far ;) XOXO). Considering I will be leaving Melbourne soon *sobs*, I better squeeze it in between my schedule. After checking the weather forecast (Yes, you need to do this when you live in Melbourne), I found out that Friday will be a gloomy day, with the temperature topping of 16C. So last Friday, i made the sticky date pudding.

I have to say that Sticky Date Pudding is one of my favourite desserts, especially during Winter time. The warmth and the fragrance of the pudding, combined with the sweetness of the butterscotch sauce ... hmmm... it is just oh-so-Heavenly! Top it up with vanilla ice cream and voila! You get a perfect winter comfort food.

That is the picture of the very first Sticky Date Pudding I made last year.
Still remember Esther's expression when she tried it, her eyes just lit up with happiness. She gave that pudding two thumbs up and a big "super yummy" ;) (thanks for the photo!)

So last Friday, I re-lived the same scene.. ;)
Sharon said, "Wah Bebe, this is SOOO SHIOK!!! I can have this for my dinner too!"
Carilyn kept hmmm-ing satisfactorily and putting big smile on her face while keep digging on the plate. She was satisfied!
John said, "Very nice! Enak!"
Ivan said, "Enak banget, Be!"
Bebe said, "I'm very happy!!"

Hahaha.. yes! Indeed, I was very happy, to be able to share my baked goodies with my friends.
Nothing beats the joy that comes from seeing people happily eating what you bake/ cook for them*. When their eyes light up with satisfaction, all the effort and hard work of creating the goods is paid off. It warms your heart up and leaves you excited and joyful for quite some time.

Oh, and yes, I do put a generous amount of love and tender care into my cakes. It makes a huge difference!! ;)

*(except for things that comes from my Creator. I won't discuss that here for my baking cannot be compared to His greatness. The joy that He gives is indescribable, far greater than this joy I am talking about. And when you get to know Him, all the things of this Earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace).


  1. winter's over, bebe!
    where's my sticky date pudding?

  2. i know winter is over!! but the weather is kind of winter-ish lately !!
    you're still coughing! cant eat SDP yet!!

  3. Yorkshire pudding next ah?

    I put advanced booking

  4. sticky date pudding is my absolute favourite! and easy to make as well. nothing beats self-made desserts : ) beautiful blog bebe, and very fitting blog add!

  5. thank you shu! i checked out your blogs.. hehe.. very interesting!! :) love your writing

  6. aw bebe, thats nice of you. i think my blog can be quite boring esp when full of my uni stuff! unlike yours- everyone loves pretty and yummy food! keep up the good work with your baking :D