Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cookies and Creme Cupcakes

They’re BACK! By popular demand! Haha. Mom and Ella were pestering me to make this yummylicious babies. Well, to be honest, I wanted to make the cookies&crème eversince I got back from Melbourne, mainly because its ingredients are the easiest to find here in Solo. The Oreo biscuits I used for making it have been sitting in our pantry for a while, until today I finally transformed them into a more delectable sweets, The Triple C Goodness!

Back by popular demand

This particular flavour was a hit among my friends back in Melbourne, Jax and Julie in particular. Whenever I made them, Jax always asked for any leftover cookies&cream frosting to put on his toasts, or maybe, he just licked them behind Jul’s back during his “me time”.. X) I bet if he did that, Julie would have fought for the frosting too, cos this darling girl of mine, LOVEEEESSSS sweet stuff! Oh! and the mini soccer ball cake I made for Jax’s business partner’s son’s birthday party was of this flavour too! Yummy yummy goodness.

It took me 6 batches on that day to perfect this particular recipe. Thanks to Julie and Ria for being my loyal cupcake testers. Without you guys, I wouldn’t be able to bake yummy yummy cupcakes. Your encouragement and passion towards cupcakes are worth all the chaos in my kitchen. Xoxo

cookies&creme cake topped with cookies&creme frosting

Today, however, I twisted the recipe a little bit. I’ll try making the original version sometime soon and see which one is better.

OH !!!! and I was upset too! Earlier today, I went to a cake supply shop, only to be greeted by a very RUDE shop assistant. And I feltcheated too! The “spekkoek” (Dutch spiced thousand layer cake) spices I bought there was Rp.4000,- more expensive than other shops while that shop is famous for its cheaper prices.BOOHOOO!!!

PS. i bet you can guess what's coming up soon... ;)

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