Sunday, March 7, 2010

It's Time!

.... to get started seriously!

I really miss baking and decorating cakes! Honestly, whenever I see the cakes I made in Melbourne, I'm sad. It feels like something precious is snatched away from you. Something is just not quite right. I dislike that feeling. Really. So I've promised myself that I'll get baking seriously.

Thank you to those who have been faithfully supporting me, be it kind encouraging words, (possible) cake orders, photography & driving skills ;), enthusiasm in devouring my cakes (both the yummy and the not-so-yummy ones), criticism and advices, and even teaching to bake opportunity. You know who you are. And to me, and of course bakingbee, you are very precious.

Stay tuned! I've prepared a special cake project for mid-March. It's for real! Unlike last year's Christmas Project which I failed to deliver because of time constraint. :( Apologies to you who were waiting for it. Hopefully I'll get to do it this year.

OH OH !!! and now that i've got a proper internet connection at home, updating my blog should not be a major problem anymore!! WHEEEE !!!!! ^^v


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